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You probably have not heard about it, but ignoring it could cost you in a big way. Cyber liability is your online liability exposure.
Do you post to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs? Do you operate a website personally or for your business?

If you or your business conducts activities online- Websites, blogs or email, chances are you have a liability exposure. Your online liability exposure is referred to as “Cyber Liability.” Most businesses and people do not realize that their existing insurance policies probably do not cover them for their online activities. Yikes! Since most people nowadays are spending 50+% of their workday online, this is a HUGE liability exposure that could cost you big time.
Here is a basic definition of what Cyber Liability is:

A term used to describe the liability exposures encountered when communicating or conducting business online. Potential liabilities include the Internet and e-mail. Online communication tools could result in claims alleging breaches of privacy rights, infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property, employment discrimination, violations of obscenity laws, the spreading of computer viruses, and defamation. Media liability policies are available to cover these exposures.

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