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Here is a basic definition of what Cyber Liability is:

A term used to describe the liability exposures encountered when communicating or conducting business online. Potential liabilities include the Internet and e-mail. Online communication tools could result in claims alleging breaches of privacy rights, infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property, employment discrimination, violations of obscenity laws, the spreading of computer viruses, and defamation. Media liability policies are available to cover these exposures.


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Cyber Liability Application

Below is a summary of what Cyber Liability can cover:

Privacy Coverage:

  • Unauthorized acquisition, access, use, physical taking, identity theft, mysterious disappearance, release, distribution or disclosures of personal and corporate information
  • Breaches by third parties as well as rogue employees
  • Broad definition of personal information including third party confidential business information
  • Civil fines and penalties and consumer redress included in definition
  • of damages
  • Violation of federal, state or local privacy laws including the Gramm- Leach-Bliley Act and HIPAA

Technology Security Coverage

  • Failure to prevent a party from unauthorized access to, use of, or tampering with technology including denial of service attacks
  • Malicious code coverage
  • Inability of a third party to gain access to any computer, online service or electronic data or system through the use of company technology
  • Breaches by third parties as well as rogue employees

Web-Media Services Coverage

  • Personal injury coverage for the insured’s internet and intranet website, including the gathering, publication or dissemination of web based content
  • Intellectual property coverage for any outward or inward facing (internet/intranet) website the insured maintains

Privacy Breach Containment Coverage

  • Costs of notification
  • Crisis management expenses
  • Credit monitoring costs
  • Costs to investigate the existence of a breach
  • Employee records specifically covered

Technology Extortion Coverage

  • Extortion payments to a third party related to a technology threat
  • Expenses to investigate the cause of the extortion
  • Expenses the insured incurs to pay the extortion, including travel expenses and the cost of a third party to make a payment
  • 50% of any reward paid to a third party leading to an arrest

Data Restoration Loss Coverage

  • Costs to restore, recover or replicate data that is damaged by a technology breach
  • Costs to recollect unrecoverable data
  • Cost to determine the ability to recollect data

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