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Exercise in the Workplace

Much of the focus in preventing worker’s compensation claims is typically on workplace safety. However, taking steps to improving the health of your employees can also mean a reduction of illness and injury at work.

We’ve gathered a few ideas for encouraging healthy movement and exercise at work, without reducing the productiveness of your employees.

Standing Desks

A recent trend involves desks that feature adjustable heights designed to be used while standing. Reducing the amount of time spent sitting still at a desk can improve heart and body health. Treadmill desks are even available, allowing the person to walk while completing their work that would normally require them to remain seated.

Provide a gym at the workplace

Having a gym on the premises allows employees to workout during breaks and lunch. The convenience of a gym at work encourages employees to exercise and therefore improves their over-all health.

A little competition

Host health competitions/challenges among your employees with fun rewards.
Encourage movement breaks and keep the health of your employees in mind.

The immediate benefits may be unclear, but the long-term benefits of having fit and healthy employees should not be over-looked.

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