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Landlord Insurance in Santa Barbara

If you are a property owner and rent out your home, you should probably consider getting Landlord Insurance! A landlord insurance policy is intended to give you coverage for both the physical property and liability for unexpected misfortunes. This gives you protection from financial loss while protecting you and your home.

Protect Your Property

Having property protection means your physical property is covered in the home you are renting. Usually this includes the dwelling that is occupied by your tenants and any equipment you use for upkeep on the property. Common policies include the following:

  • Dwelling
    Help to pay to for any damage caused by fire, lightning or other covered losses on your rental property
  • Other structures
    Help to pay for separate structures on your rental house or apartment; things like a garage or fence, if they’re damaged by a covered loss
  • Personal equipment to upkeep the property
    Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, or other equipment left at the rental property for maintenance

Liability Protection

In addition to coverage for your physical rental property, a liability policy will help cover any injuries or losses that might be suffered by tenants or their visitors from faulty conditions on the property. If you are found responsible you could have to pay their medical and legal costs for a personal injury lawsuit. Since those fees can be extremely high, Landlord Liability coverage will help pay those expenses and limit your financial impact.

Supplemental Landlord Insurance

You can add on to your policy to insure additional coverage for things specific to your home or neighborhood, such as vandalism, burglary, loss of rental income if the unit is unable to be rented, tenant moving expenses and more! We can guide you through the available options of add-ons.

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We have a fully staffed office of professional agents ready to answer your questions. Baxter Insurance is proud to be of service to our community and always happy to help.

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