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Easy Ways for Businesses to Prevent General Liability Claims

Seemingly little things like a small spill or a strip of uneven flooring can mean big expense for a business in the event that a customer is injured on the business premises. General Liability coverage helps cover the costs of legal expenses and potential settlements if your business is sued by a customer/client.

With the average claim for a simple slip costing $20,000, the cost of general liability insurance is relatively low. Steps made to avoid incidents that may lead to liability claims help keep your cost low.

Here are 5 easy ways to prevent claims from occurring:

  1. Maintain safe business premises. Keep your business clean and orderly with equipment up to date according to safety standards. Schedule regular inspections to uncover potential safety risks.
  2. Train employees in adequate workplace safety. Have employees perform regular “sweeps” of business to check for potential issues (such as spills, etc) and keep records of these precautions.
  3. Be proactive. For example, the business might post a sign and not allow drinks or food on the premises.
  4. Check merchandise displays for potential risks. Post sign indicating customers should ask for help in certain instances (such as reaching merchandise on high shelf).
  5. Floor safety. Watch for broken tiles, raised edges, etc. Post signs when a potential danger arises that cannot be immediately remedied. Repair as soon as possible.

In addition, when incidents do occur, review the situation and any circumstances that may have contributed. Make applicable changes to avoid future incidents.

If you have questions about liability insurance for your business don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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